Kelosound Oy has created the KELOSOUND®-product, a vibrating and sound playing, huggable piece of naturally dried wood (kelo) to bring nature closer to us. KELOSOUND® is a new sound art and design product which plays the sounds of the Finnish animals and nature. The sounds can be played from the wood piece with a mobile application and new sounds can also be bought and downloaded to the system with the application. Each soundscape includes stories, poems, and photos related to the Finnish sound scenery and mythology. The sounds and the design is made by sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen.


Kelosound Oy was founded in the beginning of 2017. The company has has not been functioning long but the product is now ready for sale. The designer and CEO of Kelosound Oy Kirsi Ihalainen has been recording nature sounds for around 4 years now and continues to record more exclusive sound material. The KELOSOUND® team consists now of about ten people and has many advisors in the field.


KELOSOUND®, Bringing nature closer to you!