KELOSOUND® is a new sound art and design product which plays the sounds of the Finnish animals and nature. The sounds can be played from the wood piece with a mobile application and new sounds can also be bought and downloaded to the system with the application. Each soundscape includes stories, poems, and photos related to the Finnish sound scenery and mythology. The sounds and the design is made by sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen.


There are currently three different models of the huggable and sound playing KELOSOUND® wood. Mammoth Kelo which is the biggest huggable model with the total height of 185cm andLean Kelo which is the huggable model with a leg and Tiny Kelo which is the compact table model.


All models include a mobile sound application to control the soundscapes. All models have also a light that will change according to the sounds. The light comes from under the wood and spreads to the table surface.

KELOSOUND® products are suitable for companies to different relaxation, office, lobby areas and spaces. Also the system supports for hotel installation to several rooms where the hotel owner can adjust all KELOSOUND® and SAUNASOUND® products simultaneously or separately through Wi-fi, also distantly.


Additional sizes/services are available for more customisation. Also customisation of the sounds for your own needs is also possible.


With sounds, KELOSOUND® brings an adventure or a relaxation journey!



All KELOSOUND® models have protection of design and patent pending.