The KELOSOUND® sounds can be controlled multiple ways in order to relax for longer periods of time or even to fall asleep to the sounds. KELOSOUND® includes sounds of wild animals and nature sounds from several locations and different times of the year.


When purchasing KELOSOUND®, one sound package can be chosen from different sound packages. One package includes 4 soundscapes which can be played with the mobile application. The length of the sounds vary between 10-15 minutes. More soundscapes can be downloaded directly to the mobile application from the sound bank which includes several sounds online.


Sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen has recorded and made the unique soundscapes to KELOSOUND® on her sound adventures across Finland, trotting through snow and hail, surrounded by roaring bears and other wild animals. The sounds are authentic sounds from the wilderness and not reproductions.


With KELOSOUND® you can experience a relaxation or an adventure!