A sound playing wood

KELOSOUND® is an innovative sound art and design product, which plays sounds of nature from remote wild locations. The relaxing vibrating sounds from the beautiful piece of naturally dried wood invite you to hug and listen. It is easy to place it anywhere, and to listen to the sounds coming from the wood itself. Each individual is a unique interior design product made in Finland. The sounds are easily controlled with a mobile application.


Tiny Kelo is the table model of the product family. We are soon launching a crowdfunding for Tiny Kelo.


Lean Kelo is the classic medium-sized version with a metal leg underneath the wood. It fits any office or home.


Mammoth Kelo is the biggest version with the height of 185cm. It is perfect for lobbies and public spaces.

Hear it.   Hug it.   Feel it.


The sounds come from the wood itself, making it the speaker. The wood acts as the membrane of a normal speaker cone. The sound is driven to the wood which makes the wood vibrate. The sounds from the wood piece play at the range of 360°, filling an entire room with nature, meaning that the wood is non-directional.

The volume is adjustable in the mobile application, and the sound comes out over 90dB from the wood at its loudest. Therefore, it is not advisable to listen with the loudest volume at all times, but to adjust the level to play nicely in the background while the sound fills the entire space.


Even though the sound is playing and heard from the wood as non-directional and everywhere in the space, a deeper experience is possible by pressing an ear against the wood piece. Then it is possible to feel the nature through the resonation inside the wood, as the sound travels to resonate in the skull bones, which makes the listener feel that they are right there in the heart of nature.

The sound world is inside the wood and when you hug it, you dive in there!


The KELOSOUND® works with a mobile application through Wi-Fi, with which it is easy to control and play the sounds from the wood. The sounds are pure nature sounds. They include authentic and rare sounds of wild animals and the mystical wilderness.

Each soundscape includes a story about the origin of the sound and nature photos related to the sound scenery in the mobile application, which are easy to look at and read in several languages. From the mobile application, you can access the sound library with plenty of different sounds and sound packages.

The history of Kelo

Kelo is born when a pine tree dies naturally in the Finnish forest and begins to dry. For the pine tree to become kelo, the drying process and the dropping of the bark takes a minimum of 120 years. The age of the kelo in the KELOSOUND® products varies between 250 and 550 years.


The surface of the Kelo is smooth and velvety. The big Kelo trees were also worshipped and respected, people scratched their special dates and names to their surface. Weddings and other important events were held next to them.

For hundreds of years the Kelo tree stands in the forest. It is being pecked by woodpeckers, it functions as a scout-out place for owls and ravens, and bears scratch their backs against it. It is said that the Kelo tree sings the lullaby of mother nature.

Each KELOSOUND® product is made of a unique piece of Kelo wood that was carefully chosen from the leftover wood pieces of log builders.

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