SISUSOUND® sound system

With the SISUSOUND® sound system, we bring sounds to any space. SISUSOUND® can be installed around the room as it requires and with several different sound technologies. We bring space to life with sound!


With the SISUSOUND® sound system, a whole world can be created in the space. In the SISUSOUND® sound system the walls act as perfect speakers and the sound can also be installed on the floor, ceiling or even furniture. We bring your entire room or business space to life with sound!

SISUSOUND® experience based space

An entire world in a room

With the SISUSOUND® sound system we create the sound as 3D in to the space. The sound will be everywhere in the space in a way that the sounds move in the centre of the space or across the space. The sound system will be fully customised and the sounds will be mixed in to the space and rooms individually.

We always design soundscapes for spaces in such a way that the space itself rings and resonates sounds in the best possible way. The SISUSOUND® relaxation room can be built into almost any space. We design the space acoustically for complete relaxation, starting from the surface materials if you wish.

In the SISUSOUND® relaxation space, you can relax and take a break!

Read more about the sound worlds we implement on our SISUSOUND® reference page!

SISUSOUND® within the walls

The space becomes a large speaker 

At the same time, the SISUSOUND® system is a complete AV solution for your entire space or company premises. You can wirelessly manage sounds in different spaces and rooms. You can adjust the sounds simultaneously or separately, for example in the living room, sauna, or even the bathroom.

When the walls are resonating and playing the sounds, there are no speakers anywhere! The space remains beautiful without visible wires and devices. The system can be installed in the space as Stereo or Surround. With the SISUSOUND® system, we turn your room into a speaker!


Installing the system is best done during the construction phase of the building or space, in connection with wall renovation or as a retrofit in an already existing space, if it has suitable conditions for hiding the technology. The technology is completely hidden in the space’s structures, or, for example, in the space’s panels or columns. The system can be installed in a variety of spaces and sizes, halls, office, lobbies, restaurants or even stores.

Sound and music

Soundscapes are mainly created to calm and reduce the hectic pace of the space. However, it is possible to order customised soundscapes for the system or it is also possible to play music from it. We can connect Spotify, internet radios to the system, or you can even play your own music directly from the system. Ask us more about customising features. Acoustically, spaces can be more than just nature sounds. We’ll make the space soundscape just right for you!

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