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KELOSOUND® references

KELOSOUND® products bring relaxation, improve concentration and create a unique ambiance. They suit different types of premises, for example lobbies, offices, yoga studios, spas and private homes. Below you can see some examples of KELOSOUND® projects.

Our customers

Our KELOSOUND®products are available for hugging and testing in the following amazing destinations.

The Finnish Embassy is relaxing to nature sounds

The Finnish Ambassador Markku Keinänen is relaxing among nature sounds with his guest during the many events in his residence and the Embassy of Finland in London.  The KELOSOUND® Mammoth Kelo brings the Finnish nature to the space with sound and with the rustic wooden surface. Relaxing nature and animal sounds take visitors of the Embassy on a journey to the Finnish nature.

The nature is all around at the Embassy now with the sound!

More info about the Embassy of Finland in London here>

Relax at the house of Mielen Melodiat in Lappeenranta

In the house of Mielen Melodiat at Lappeenranta, you can relax and calm down to the sounds of the KELOSOUND®Lean Kelo while glancing the marvellous views of the Lake Saimaa. The house of Mielen Melodiat offers a comprehensive well-being as a digital training or training in practice.

Head your way to hug the KELOSOUND® in a relaxation training at the house of Mielen Melodiat!

The Mielen Melodiat well-being trainings can be found from here >

TAMK Sote Virtual Lab – Industry Virtual Lab

Tampere university of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has invested in creating a networking environment with a virtual laboratory where the application of the technology will significantly change the customer experience. When the two strategic focus areas, sote and technology, are more closely linked, more multidisciplinary and more effective development activities will emerge. In addition, this combination is well linked to the two cornerstones of the Tampere university community’s research strategy, technology and health. The space brings together top experts in various fields, we offer modern research and development environments and the latest technology for sharing.

KELOSOUND® Tiny Kelo is part of this Sote Virtual Lab space and can be experienced there. Also another Tiny Kelo is travelling with the Sote Virtual Lab staff to the elderly service homes to brighten up the day of the senior citizens in Tampere city.

Kalasatama health- and well-being centre

KELOSOUND® participated in a project, where Mammoth Kelo and Lean Kelo played nature sounds at the Kalasatama health and well-being centre in Helsinki. The Mammoth Kelo was placed in the lobby next to the laboratory waiting area, while the Lean Kelo was located in the corridor where social services and psychiatric polyclinics were situated.

We interviewed visitors of the health and well-being centre and were amazed by their comments about the positive effect the nature sounds have on the ambiance. Many commented that the KELOSOUND®sounds “bring nature in mind and take you away from the cold sterile environment.” Some said that the sounds brought thoughts about summer and childhood. We also witnessed the KELOSOUND® sounds calming down a crying baby and entertaining bigger children. The personnel of the health centre reported that disabled patients enjoyed greatly hugging the Kelos and listening to the sounds.

Here are some quotes from the interviews:

“It feels relaxing, natural and uplifting. It feels like those responsible for these premises care about how we, visitors, feel while being here.”

“It feels like being in a forest, when you put the ear against the wood, it sounds differently.”

“It feels different, like you were diving into your own world. The thoughts can escape this environment for a moment. Just like in nature.”

Ultimate nature experience together with NAAVA

At the Naava office the KELOSOUND® Mammoth Kelo creates together with the NAAVA green walls an ultimate nature experience. The air purifying and beautiful NAAVA green walls and the nature concerts of the Mammoth Kelo complement each other. Follow up the co-existence of NAAVA and KELOSOUND® and you might get to experience it yourself soon!

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