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Lean Kelo is the classic medium-sized version with a metal leg underneath the wood. It fits any home and office, and it brings relaxation with sound to medium-sized spaces. Underneath the Lean Kelo is a light of which the brightness can be adjusted. Lean Kelo includes a mobile application, sound package, and it works through Wi-Fi, and therefore can also be used remotely.

For customisation of the product’s appearance, sounds, and also for accessories, please contact us >

Lean Kelo includes one sound package that can be chosen.
There are two packages to choose from, relaxation and adventure sound package.

The sound packages include the following sounds:

Relaxation sound package:

Vibrant summer, Spring Charm, Wavelet Summer, Whispering Autumn

Adventure sound package:
Bear Snuffle, Swan Yoik, Wood Grouse Snap, Black Grouse Trance

Listen to all sounds here >

Want individual sounds that no-one else has? For customisation of the sounds for your product, please contact us >

Leg color:
Dark grey

Total height: 170 cm
Total weight: 35-40 kg
Leg lower part diameter: 55 cm
Kelo wood diameter: 25-30 cm

Electricity: 110-230 V.
Audio: Maks. 100 W
Light: 4 x LED
Mobile app support: Android 4.0.3 or higher


Tiny Kelo is the table model of the product family, with a relaxing light underneath the wood. It is easy to place to a hotel room for example.


Lean Kelo is the classic medium-sized version with a metal leg underneath the wood. It fits any office or home.


Mammoth Kelo is the biggest version with the height of 185cm. It is perfect for lobbies and public spaces.

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