Mammoth Kelo

The biggest model of the KELOSOUND® product family.

Mammoth Kelo is suitable for big-sized spaces.

Mammoth Kelo KELOSOUND® is an innovative sound art and design product, which plays sounds of nature from remote wild locations. The relaxing vibrating sounds from the beautiful piece of naturally dried wood invite you to hug and listen. It is easy to place it anywhere and to listen to the sounds coming from the wood itself. Each individual is a unique interior design product made in Finland.

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Even though the sound is playing and heard from the wood as non-directional and everywhere in the space, a deeper experience is possible by pressing an ear against the wood piece. Then it is possible to feel nature through the resonation inside the wood, as the sound travels to resonate in the skull bones, which makes the listener feel that they are right there in the heart of nature. The sound world is inside the wood and when you hug it, you dive in there!

The Mammoth Kelo is the biggest of the product models with the height of 185cm. It fits perfectly to lobbies, lounges and public spaces. Underneath the Mammoth Kelo is a light of which the brightness can be adjusted. Mammoth Kelo brings relaxation with sound even to very big spaces. Mammoth Kelo includes a mobile application, sound package, and it works through Wi-Fi, and therefore can also be used remotely.

For customisation of the product’s appearance, sounds, and also for accessories, please contact us >

Mammoth Kelo includes 4 soundscapes.

Selectable soundscapes are:

Vibrant summer, Spring Charm, Wavelet Summer, Whispering Autumn, Bear Snuffle, Swan Yoik, Wood Grouse Snap, Black Grouse Trance

Samples of soundscapes can be listened to on the Soundscapes page:

Listen to all sounds here >

Want individual sounds that no-one else has? For customisation of the sounds for your product, please contact us >

Leg color:
Dark grey

Total height: 185 cm
Total weight: 70-100 kg
Leg lower part diameter: 60 cm
Kelo wood diameter: 28-32 cm

Electricity: 110-230 V.
Audio: Maks. 100 W
Light: 4 x LED
Mobile app support: Android 4.0.3 or higher


Tiny Kelo is the table model of the product family. We are soon launching a crowdfunding for Tiny Kelo.


Lean Kelo is the classic medium-sized version with a metal leg underneath the wood. It fits any office or home.


Mammoth Kelo is the biggest version with the height of 185cm. It is perfect for lobbies and public spaces.

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