Enchanted Sounds from Nature

KELOSOUND® is a new sound art and design product which plays the sounds from a Finnish forest. The relaxing and vibrating sounds from the beautiful piece of naturally dried wood invite you to hug and listen. It is easy to place anywhere in your home and listen to the sounds coming from the wood itself. Each individual is a unique interior design product. There are additional services for more customisation.


The KELOSOUND® sounds originate from the mystical wilderness and nature of Finland. They include rare sounds of wild animals and the atmosphere of the magical Lapland with accompanying mythological northern stories.


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Artist and Creator

Sound artist Kirsi Ihalainen, a Master of Arts, has created the KELOSOUND® product to bring nature closer to us. She has recorded and made the unique soundscapes herself on her sound adventures across Finland, trotting through snow and hail, surrounded by roaring bears and other wild animals. The sounds are authentic sounds from the wilderness and not reproductions.


Kirsi has created the KELOSOUND® product to bring nature closer to us. There are a lot of people in the world who have no opportunity to experience nature, therefore Kirsi decided to bring nature to them!


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KELOSOUND OY Contact information

Kirsi Ihalainen
Sound artist and CEO
+358 50 596 9078

Natalia Saarni
Graphic designer and Russia marketing  
Danmei He
Logistics and China marketing


INFO: kelosound@kelosound.com