Mammoth Kelo

Mammoth Kelo
(New photos coming soon!)


Sound start package details:


Relaxation (including 4 sounds):

Wavelet Summer – sounds of the summer lake

Spring Charm- sounds of the spring forest

Swirling Waves – sounds of the water

Vibrant Summer – sounds of the summer forest


Adventure (including 4 sounds):

Bear Snuffle – sounds of the bear

Swan Yoik – sounds of the swans calling

Wood Grouse Snap – sounds of the Wood Grouse mating calls

Black Grouse Trance – the mating song of the black grouses


Mix (including 4 sounds):

Free selection of 4 sounds from the sound start packages

Leg color/options:




Total height: ?

Total weight:?

Leg lower part: ?

Kelo wood diameter: ?


Technical details:


Electricity: 110-230V.

Audio: Max. 100W

Mobile App Support: Android 4.0.3 or higher, iOS 8 or higher