Sound for your sauna

SAUNASOUND® sound system

SAUNASOUND® brings nature’s soundscape concerts to your sauna.
SAUNASOUND® can be installed into the walls of the sauna, and with this technique, we will bring you an unprecedented audio experience.


In the SAUNASOUND® sound system, the walls play the sound and make the sauna come alive with the sounds. Sound will play from the walls after installing the system to the sauna structure, whereupon the whole sauna will resonate and take you to the middle of nature. By the power of the sound, even the sauna benches will play the sounds and vibrate according to the nature sounds.




The sound space can be placed into the sauna in a way that the nature sounds are moving and heard in the sauna from the structures as Stereo. The sound is all around. The system works wirelessly with your mobile through Wi-Fi on Android or iPhone, and extra sounds can be bought separately with the mobile app to the SAUNASOUND® Stereo system. The Stereo system works best in small or middle sized saunas. In the SAUNASOUND® Stereo sauna, you are among nature!

We install the SAUNASOUND® Stereo saunas in collaboration with the sauna builder Huliswood Oy. In the photo, you can see a Huliswood outdoor sauna.

You can find the sound playing sauna that suits you best from their collection! >



In the Surround sound system, the sounds and soundscapes move in the space as 3D. The sound is everywhere in the space, and the animals can be heard even in the middle of the space. The Surround systems are always customised and mixed to fit the sauna space. We design the soundscaping in a way that the whole space plays and resonates the sounds in the best possible way. The Surround system is perfect for big saunas, and the amount of channels are chosen according to the size of the sauna. In the SAUNASOUND® Surround saunas, you are fully in the middle of nature!

We install the SAUNASOUND® Surround saunas in collaboration with Kuusamon Kelomestarit. In the photo you can see a sauna built by Kelomestarit at the Aqualand spa in Köln, Germany.

Ask them for an offer of a beautiful sauna with sounds! >


The technology will be hidden completely into the structures of the sauna. The equipment is water- and heat proof. The control unit is located and hidden outside the sauna, into the structure, from where the wires are taken to the sound elements that make the sauna structures play the sounds. The installation can be made during the building phase or to an already built sauna with small changes. All SAUNASOUND®, KELOSOUND® ja SISUSOUNDTM systems are compatible together, and if you have multiple systems, they are easily controllable with only one mobile or several mobile devices simultaneously.


The soundscapes are meant to relax and create a new kind of sauna experience. In the sauna, the nature surrounds you everywhere, and while sitting on the sauna benches, you are in the middle of nature. The sounds will take you to another space, and the vibration of the benches creates a connection with the moving sound scenery. The sounds bring the wilderness and magic of Finnish nature to the sauna while creating either a relaxing or an adventurous experience.

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