Nature values

Nature Values



Nature is and its sounds are important to Kelosound Oy. It is crucial to take care of our forests and nature for future generations and for the wellbeing.


When you buy KELOSOUND® we will plant a tree for you to a protected area in your own country. We will also tell you what tree species it will be and provide you with the coordinates of where the tree is planted. The tree will be planted to the country where the KELOSOUND®-product is sold to.


When you download rare animal sounds or really specific sound of a certain area, a donation will be provided to the protection of that certain rare animal or area.


KELOSOUND® has also ecological recyclable packaging without plastic.


For each sold KELOSOUND®-product we will plant a tree!


Trees are planted together with Environment Online- ENO.


Environment Online- ENO is a global network for sustainable development, based on schools and their local communities. Schools have planted trees in over 150 countries, in co-operation with municipalities and cities. Tree species are always of a local origin, no exotic species are planted to maintain the local biodiversity. Trees are planted in a place where they can freely grow and no to be cut. ENO has planted over 30 million trees and governments in some countries have made pledges of their numbers. The goal is to plant 100 million trees by the end of 2017. Total number with the commitments is currently 105 million trees.


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